Narrat Features

What features does Narrat have?

Here are some of the features that narrat, the game engine for narrative RPGs, has:


All the features come out of the box and are super easy to set up with easy to edit settings files.

  • Easy to write games without knowing how to code
  • Branching dialogue with choices and logic
  • Support for characters with portraits and poses
  • Themable UI (with CSS, explained in the docs)
  • Skills and skill checks (dice rolls against skill levels) system
  • Interactive visual screens alongside the dialogue
  • HUD for currency or other stats
  • save/load
  • audio
  • notifications+
  • Exports to web or PC
  • Functions with parameters and return values in the scripting
  • Inventory
  • Quests

See more on the Documentation website

Narrat is released under MIT License
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