Narrat Enterprise options, support, consulting and pricing

Narrat is a free and open source game engine using the MIT license. This means it is completely free and legal to use including for commercial purposes, whether by individual or companies.

However, if you’re considering using Narrat within your organisation, you might want to consider some extra options.

Narrat Support and Consulting

If you’re considering using Narrat in a serious project, you may want some additional support or changes for the engine. Here are some things you might be interested in using Narrat for:

  • Interactive fiction games, visual novels, point and click adventure games
  • Educational games, using the powerful dialogue and choices system to teach and test students
  • Interactive training programs
  • Interactive marketing mini-games
  • Or maybe something else you can think of

Custom Narrat features

Do you need new narrat features or changes for your project? Then contact me to discuss options.

Integrating Narrat within your website or application

Do you need to integrate Narrat within your existing website, infrastructure or program? This is probably doable, contact me at

Integrating Narrat with another game engine

If you need an integration of Narrat with another popular game engine, or with your own custom game engine, contact me at

Partnership options

If for any of the above you want help with the development of your project in narrat, including technical support, custom features or integrations, we can discuss a partnership option. For example:

  • Revenue share: I can support the development of your game/product in exchange for a percentage of its revenue
  • Flat fee: If you have a specific need or period of time you want support for, we can discuss a flat fee for the work

Email to discuss!

Narrat is released under MIT License
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