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Make narrative RPGs for web and desktop easily

Narrat is a beginner-friendly game engine for making narrative games with RPG features, visual novels, interactive fiction, and more. No coding or game development is required to use narrat, and you can get started making a game in a minute.. Create your game by editing with a Simple scripting syntax. It supports Skills with skill check rolls, an Items inventory, and has a Quests System. The script system is very powerful and allows branching choices, functions, variables and conditions.

How does it work?

Narrat games are made by writing narrat scripts. Narrat scripts use a simple and approachable scripting language that is designed for writing interactive RPGs. No need to write complicated code, just write your story.

Code Example

code example

Result in game

ingame result of the example

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Narrat Starter

A tool to create your narrat project from templates..

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Narrat Scripts

Edit narrat script files to write your game.

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Examples of games made with Narrat


Made for #RayulaJam2023

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Will This Bitter Night Bring Change? - Two Women in Trouble

By Mia Cain

Follow Hornet and Emily in their attempt to escape the City, in all its neon glory.

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See more games at, the website that documents all narrat games.

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How to use narrat

See the Documentation for more info, or jump directly in the Getting Started Guide


Here are some of the features of narrat:


All the features come out of the box and are super easy to set up with easy to edit settings files.

See more on the Documentation website


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There is a new Narrat Newsletter people can subscribe to

Published on July 18, 2023

There is a new Narrat Newsletter you can subscribe to. Expect things like: 🚀 A special Narrat feature highlighted in each edition 🗞️…

New narrat example games repository, and theme swapping demo

Published on July 02, 2023

There is a new narrat-examples repository. This is intended to be a collection of example games, scripts, or any other useful narrat things…

The Narrat Jam 2 has just started

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The #NarratJam 2 has just started. You can view the jam on The jam will list for the entire month of July so you have time to make…

New website

Published on June 30, 2023

There is now a new website. It documents every narrat game that has been published so far, and will be updated as new games…

Narrat Forum

Published on June 20, 2023

There is now a narrat forum available. You can use it for: Asking for help Discussing projects Sharing your games Recruiting for projects…

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