There is a new Narrat Newsletter people can subscribe to

Published on July 18, 2023

Narrat Newsletter

There is a new Narrat Newsletter you can subscribe to.

Expect things like:

  • 🚀 A special Narrat feature highlighted in each edition
  • 🗞️ News on the most interesting recent new features
  • 🎮 A showcase of games made with Narrat
  • 💡 Any other interesting narrat-related things that are worth mentioning
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First Newsletter edition

Here’s an excerpt from the first edition of the Narrat Newsletter:

Welcome to the first Narrat Newsletter!

This email is the first edition of the Narrat newsletter, and as such the exact format will likely be tweaked over time. I’m expecting this newsletter to be monthly, but this will probably vary depending on what’s happening

The newsletter will aim to bring important or interesting updates about Narrat, as well as interesting Narrat-related news. Here’s some potential things you might see in here:

  • A special topic to highlight in each edition
  • Info about new interesting features
  • Narrat games showcase
  • Random (hopefully) interesting related things

What is Narrat?

You probably know the answer if you’re here, but it does feel weird to start the first newsletter without an introduction. Narrat is a game engine for making narrative games. It uses web technology and can release games for web and desktop. The main reasons to use Narrat are:

  • Easy to get into for beginners with an approachable dialogue writing syntax
  • Lots of features out of the box (common RPG features like inventory, quests, skills system)
  • Powerful UI customisation with CSS
  • Very fast and nice to iterate with thanks to hot-reloading of game scripts when editing games

Highlight of the month

Now that the intro is out of the way, something you’ll probably see in every edition of the newsletter is the highlight section. I think highlighting some kind of feature of Narrat in every newsletter will be a fun way for people to learn more about it. So, for this first one we’re going to look at the sprites system.

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