New narrat example games repository, and theme swapping demo

Published on July 02, 2023

Narrat Examples repository

There is a new narrat-examples repository.

This is intended to be a collection of example games, scripts, or any other useful narrat things to collect in one place. Each folder in it is a game project ready to download and use as a base, or collections of example scripts.

Contributions are welcome

If you have any narrat games you are fine with open sourcing as examples, or any useful collections of utility scripts, or really anything that you think could fit in this repository, please don’t hesitate to open a pull request to add it.

If you need help doing it, ask on the forum or discord

Narrat Theme Swapping example

I’ve just added the first example game there, which is a game with theme swapping.

Many people want a way to change the game’s layout at different moments, so I figured a simple plugin would do it. This plugin allows you to create one or more Theme. Themes can use custom css files to change the styling of the game, as well as extend the game’s narrat config to dynamically change anything that can be done in the config (most commonly the dialog panel position and shape).

The theme swapping example game has a file that explains how it works, and how one could go about adding the same system to an existing game.

And there is a demo video of it

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