Narrat Game Jam

Published on July 23, 2022

Narrat Game Jam

game jam banner There is a narrat game jam coming. This will be an occasion for anyone to try narrat out.

Anyone can join the game jam on the page

The engine is very easy to get into as it has an easy scripting syntax and doesn’t need much to get started.

A new tool to easily and automatically start a new project has been created for the occasion, see the updated Getting Started guide for info on how to start.

TLDR on how to create a narrat game with the new system:

  1. Have node.js installed (16 or above)
  2. Open a terminal and run npm create narrat
  3. The tool will guide you and let you customise your game project. You’re good to go!

Narrat is released under MIT License
Copyright© 2021-present Liana Pigeot